Water chiller



Kaltra is committed to continuous development across all its product lines – to increase energy efficiency, reliability and performance in any applications, from light commercial to large facilities.


Our products are created to help lower environmental impact with the use of advanced HVAC technologies, intelligent control, and high-efficiency operation.


Kaltra’s portfolio of products is extensive and uniquely positioned to engineer synergistic solutions and to solve any challenges for our customers.

Water chillers


Wide variety of highly efficient, feature-rich equipment for chilled water production: air-cooled, free cooling, and water-cooled chillers covering most air conditioning, process cooling, and refrigeration applications of different scale and complexity

Precision air conditioners


We offer precision air conditioning systems for mission-critical applications, such as data centers, contaminant-free areas, telecom stations, and other facilities where reliability and energy efficiency are key factors

IT cooling


Market-leading solutions for data center and electronics cooling. From small computer rooms to large mission-critical data centers, we offer the most innovative and efficient room-based, row-based, and rack-based thermal management systems

Air-cooled condensers


With Kaltra’s comprehensive range of air-cooled condensers that cover most refrigeration applications, our customers can tailor-make cooling solutions to meet their requirements

Dry coolers


Kaltra offers several families of highly efficient, feature-rich compact and full-size dry coolers designed to provide cooling of water or glycols in closed-circuit applications of varying scales

Microchannel heat exchangers


Microchannel heat exchangers for condenser, evaporator, and water applications characterized by high heat transfer rates, low internal volume, and compact design – perfectly suitable for high-demanded equipment and applications

Modular precision air conditioner

Kaltra introduces modular precision air conditioners

Launching a new Lambda CW II series of precision air conditioners with modular design: increased cooling density, improved heat transfer efficiency, maximized ROI.
Microchannel condenser bank

Air-cooled condenser assemblies for end-customers and OEMs

Designed for low-GWP refrigerants, last-generation, low-volume Kaltra's condensers based on microchannel technology display higher heat transfer rates and superior corrosion protection.
E-coated microchannel coil

High-grade corrosion protection for heat exchangers

Kaltra offers microchannel heat exchanger anti-corrosion treatment for HVAC equipment to ensure highest level of protection.
Microchannel heat exchanger

Kaltra offers coil replacements for condensers and water applications

Kaltra offers heat exchanger replacements for end-customers and OEMs: microchannel coils featuring high performance and long service life.
R32 scroll chiller

Kaltra launches a range of scroll chillers optimized for lower GWP refrigerant R32

Kaltra extends the portfolio of low-GWP chillers with the launch of Lightstream Scroll range based on its Versa platform and operating on refrigerant R32.
Precision air conditioner

Kaltra updates its range of Delta DX precision air conditioning units

This week Kaltra announced the updated range of its mainstream Delta DX precision air conditioners. New models received the scroll compressors with latest control electronics and recent-generation radial EC fans with Modbus control.
Free cooling chiller

Kaltra extends the capacity of its flagship free cooling chiller range

Kaltra has extended the capacity range of its Lightstream Freecool inverter chiller to 1800kW of refrigeration. Lightstream Freecool chiller lineup was introduced in 2017, initially with a capacity range of 450 to 1200kW.
Bora XL dry cooler

Kaltra expands its dry cooler portfolio with Bora XL range

Bora XL dry coolers by Kaltra: innovative and economy solution for cooling fluids in industrial, district cooling and chilled water applications.
Bora XL condenser

Kaltra offers high-performance condensers of Bora XL range

High-performance air-cooled condensers in the capacity range from 150 to 1850kW suited for use with HFC and low-GWP refrigerants.
R452b scroll chiller

Air-cooled chillers with R452b now available

Kaltra responds to market changes with its air-cooled chillers with scroll compressor technology running with refrigerant R452b.
Water-cooled chiller

R452b chillers added to Kaltra portfolio

Modular water-cooled chillers with scroll compressors – now available with environmental-friendly, low-GWP refrigerant R452b (GWP value as low as 675).
Scroll chiller

Kaltra adds air-cooled version to its Easystream chiller range

Kaltra announced the commercial launch of scroll chillers that expands an existing lineup of condenserless and water-cooled models with air-cooled version.
Air-cooled condenser

Low-charge air-cooled condensers for use with low-GWP refrigerants

Low-charge air-cooled condensers to use with low-GWP refrigerants R449a, R454a, R454, and more; optimized for OEM applications with low initial and running costs.
Variable-speed water-cooled chiller

Kaltra extends the range of water-cooled chillers with inverter models and adds R513a

Kaltra introduces the new, inverter-driven water-cooled chillers with low-GWP refrigerants R1234ze and R513a, and with the capacity range from 500 to 1800kW.
Free cooling chiller

Kaltra modernizes Ultracompact II chiller to add a new free cooling system

Market-successful chillers receive a new, state-of-the-art free cooling system and advanced control software.
Free cooling chiller

Kaltra R513a chillers now available

Kaltra made available its Lightstream Freecool chillers now with refrigerant R513a in capacity range from 600 to 1250kW.
Turbocor centrifugal chiller

Kaltra extends its Powerstream Turbo range with high-capacity models

Ecodesign compliant, Turbocor-based water-cooled chillers for industrial and commercial applications. Capacity range: 300kW to 4600kW, ESEER up to 10.50.
Inverter chiller

Kaltra announces a new, broad screw chiller range

Highly efficient cooling products: air-cooled, free cooling and water-cooled chillers, precision air conditioning, solutions based on microchannel technology.
Unit cooler

Kaltra starts the production of Tramontana unit coolers

Kaltra Innovativtechnik starts production of its efficient and versatile Tramontana unit coolers with the capacity range of up to 60kW.
Evaporative dry coolers

Kaltra extends its portfolio with evaporative condensers and dry coolers

New range of evaporative air-cooled condensers and dry coolers by Kaltra sets new standards in the field of efficiency and environment safety.
Air-cooled chiller

Kaltra reveals the new Ultracompact II product line

Kaltra introduces its new Ultracompact II product line: air-cooled and evaporatively cooled scroll chillers for 50-300kW cooling applications.
In-row cooling unit

Kaltra announces the second generation of in-row cooling units with a 50% capacity increase

Kaltra launches the second generation of its in-row cooling solution with a cooling capacity of 140kW designed for high power density data centers.
Turbocor chiller

Lightstream Turbo chiller range extended with highly efficient models

Trending Turbocor based chiller family by Kaltra has been extended with highly efficient models with energy efficiency ratio (EER) of up to 4.30.
Free cooling chiller

Kaltra announces the new Lightstream Freecool chiller family

Trending Turbocor based chiller family by Kaltra has been extended with highly efficient models with energy efficiency ratio (EER) of up to 4.30.
Serpentine coil

Serpentine heat exchangers for small cooling applications

Kaltra offers the latest heat transfer technology based on serpentine coils for small and portable cooling applications.
Plant room chiller

Kaltra unveils its new family of packaged chillers

German chiller manufacturer, Kaltra Innovativtechnik, is set to showcase its new Easystream family of air- and water-cooled chillers with scroll compressors.
Variable-speed chiller

Kaltra to announce the updated Lightstream Screw air-cooled chiller family

Kaltra is excited to announce the launch of the updated lineup of Lighstream Screw chillers based on compact screw compressors.
Compact scroll chillers

Kaltra debut a range of updated compact scroll chillers

Kaltra Innovativtechnik begins marketing and selling updated Lighstream UltraCompact air-cooled scroll chillers with microchannel condensing coils.
Air-cooled condenser

Air-cooled condensers and dry coolers for refrigeration and industrial process

Mistral is the next generation of air-cooled condensers and dry coolers in horizontal design that cover cooling capacities from 5kW up to 1500kW.
Air-cooled condenser

New air-cooled condensers with microchannel coils and high-performance EC fans

Kaltra today has released the new CNM Series air-cooled condensers intended for use with various HFC and HFO refrigerants.
Precision air conditioner

New direct expansion air conditioners with microchannel evaporators

Kaltra has released a new family of compact precision air conditioners intended for data center and IT cooling applications.
Precision air conditioner

Kaltra launches new range of high-efficient precision air conditioners

Kaltra launches a new range of direct expansion precision air conditioners equipped with cost-effective scroll compressors and microchannel evaporators for high efficiency in applications.
Server rack cooling door

Kaltra launches high-efficiency rack cooling door solution to target data center hotspots

Kaltra launches a rack-based cooling solution intended for use in high-density data centers.
Evaporative fluid cooler

New fluid coolers to be available in Q4 2016

Kaltra introduces hybrid dry coolers with evaporative pre-cooling for process water cooling in industrial, commercial, and data center applications.
Evaporative air handler

Evapair: new generation evaporative air handler

Evapair is a low WUE, indirect evaporative cooling system intended for use in data center applications and designed to function in any climate.
Microchannel coil

Field tests for evaluating microchannel heat exchangers with variable fin pitch

Innovative, variable-geometry microchannel heat exchanger design offers optimized airflow, improved performance and efficiency in applications.
Raised floor

Raised floor systems

Kaltra offers full range of comprehensive raised floor solutions specially designed for using in commercial buildings, data centers, clean rooms, and more.
Turbocor chiller

Environment-friendly R1234ze chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressors

Kaltra releases highly-efficient Turbocor-based chillers running on R134a and environmental-friendly refrigerant R1234ze.
Equipment maintenance

Predictive maintenance programme

Among a number of services, Kaltra starts offering predictive maintenance services for its clients.