Modular precision air conditioner

Kaltra introduces modular precision air conditioners

Lambda CW II is the result of an extensive R&D process, with Kaltra utilizing microchannel coil technology to give new ranges their own unique properties for precision cooling.

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Free cooling chiller

Free cooling chillers improve data center energy efficiency

Over time, increasing power density and growing number of installed servers had increased the heat load on Telecity data center cooling system which operates on a 24/7 basis 365 days on the year. Existing fixed-speed chillers installed during the building’s construction could not meet the cooling demand and provide the necessary redundancy Telecity required. As a result, the cooling system needed to be upgraded to keep pace with the data center’s growth.

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In-row cooling

Aisle containment as an approach to data center cooling

For decades, data centers have used raised floor systems to deliver cooled air to the server racks. Cooled air discharged by a computer room air conditioner (CRAC – a split air conditioning system or system with fluid coolers) or air handler (CRAH – a chilled water cooling system connected to air-cooled or water-cooled chillers) creates high pressure in the underfloor space. Read more

In-row cooling unit

Kaltra announces the second generation of in-row cooling units with a 50% capacity increase

Among other innovations, Kaltra launches the second generation of its high-capacity in-row cooling solution designed for high power density data centers. With the cooling capacity of 141kW, Lambda In-Row is able to replace up to 4 typical in-row cooling units, saving expensive data center space for server racks.

Lambda In-Row has a new microchannel evaporator combined in V-form with a 41m² total heat transfer surface. With these evaporators, the cooling capacity of the new units increases from 90 kW to 141kW (for water temperatures of 15/21°C and inlet air temperature of 40°C).  A special type of manifolds for microchannel heat exchangers provide a uniform water distribution, and at the same time keeps low waterside pressure drop.

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Precision air conditioner

New direct expansion air conditioners with microchannel evaporators

Following the launch of super-efficient Lambda DX precision air conditioning systems, Kaltra has released the new family of compact air conditioners intended for data center and IT cooling applications using elevated return air temperatures.

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Precision air conditioner

Kaltra launches new range of high-efficient precision air conditioners

Kaltra Innovativtechnik, a Germany-based provider of innovative thermal management technologies and advanced cooling equipment, today released the Lambda DX/DXU family of feature-rich, high-end direct expansion (DX) precision air conditioners with innovative microchannel evaporators and dual refrigerant circuit amongst many of its features.

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Server rack cooling door

Kaltra launches high-efficiency rack cooling door solution to target data center hotspots

Kaltra Innovativtechnik, a Germany-based cooling specialist, has launched its chilled water rack-based cooling solution intended for use in high-density data center applications. The development of the In-Rack solution is in response to growing demand for high-density cooling solutions from the data center sector for energy savings and reduction in carbon emissions.

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