Turbocor chiller

Lightstream Turbo chiller range extended with highly efficient models

Trending Turbocor-based chiller family by Kaltra has been extended with highly efficient models with extra condenser banks, which enable lower condensing temperatures and 15% higher energy efficiency rates (EER) compared to standard Lightstream Turbo models, as well as reduced noise emission level.

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Logistics hub cooling

New logistics hub near Erlangen served by Kaltra chillers

The new logistics hub located near Erlangen, Germany, serves more than 40 international customers and guarantees just-in-time delivery for the clients across Europe. The new center with approx. 35,000m² is dedicated to storing bulky materials under controlled environmental conditions provided by Kaltra Lightstream Screw free cooling chillers.

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Plant room chiller

Kaltra unveils its new family of packaged chillers

German chiller manufacturer, Kaltra Innovativtechnik, is set to showcase its new Easystream family of air- and water-cooled chillers with scroll compressors in March 2017.

New chillers are intended for either indoor or outdoor installation. The series covers the capacity range starting from 40kW and up to 480kW with cooling densities of up to 220kW/m². When used with Mistral condensers/dry coolers, Easystream allows for installation in populated urban areas and anywhere where low noise pollution is a crucial factor.

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Variable-speed chiller

Kaltra to announce the updated Lightstream Screw air-cooled chiller family

Kaltra is excited to announce the launch of the updated lineup of Lighstream Screw chillers based on fixed-speed or inverter-driven compact screw compressors, which have been improved to perform efficiently and optimally under every climatic condition.

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Compact scroll chillers

Kaltra debut a range of updated compact scroll chillers

Kaltra Innovativtechnik begins marketing and selling updated Ultracompact air-cooled chillers. Each chiller model in the Ultracompact range features an aluminium frame and paneling with a 10-year corrosion resistance warranty.

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Air-cooled chiller

V-shaped microchannel coils for chiller applications

The efficiency of air-cooled chiller is dictated by the condensing temperature, which may be decreased with increasing heat transfer performance of the condensing coil. Microchannel heat exchangers have become popular in chiller applications due to better thermo-hydraulic characteristics in comparison to conventional finned tube heat exchanger designs. The most straightforward way to improve heat exchanger performance is to increase its face area by combining two microchannel coils in V form.

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Turbocor chiller

Environment-friendly R1234ze chillers with oil-free centrifugal compressors

The Lightstream Turbo chiller family has been designed with attention to every detail to maximize operational reliability. It is ideally suited to the requirements of mission-critical applications like data centers, telecom facilities and clean rooms, and in every area where reliability is a crucial factor.

Due to its excellent efficiency at part-load conditions, the Lighstream Turbo chiller is a brilliant economy solution for applications where the heat load is not constant or expected to increase.

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LPG recovery plant cooling

Lightstream Scroll chillers for LPG recovery process

With its installation experience and technical expertise, Kaltra was chosen by the customer to assist in the development of the new chilled water production plant for the LPG recovery facility at the GP2Z industrial zone, Algeria.

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