R32 scroll chiller

Kaltra launches a range of scroll chillers optimized for lower GWP refrigerant R32

Kaltra extends the portfolio of low-GWP chillers with the launch of Lightstream Scroll range based on its Versa platform and operating on refrigerant R32. Lineup’s capacity ranges from 300 to 1100kW at nominal conditions and demonstrates the same high level of efficiency as previously introduced R452b-based models.

Lightstream Scroll R32 available with the same extensive set of hydronic options, free cooling circuit, safety options, low-noise models, and control software functionality as found in existing Lightstream Scroll chillers running on refrigerants R410a and R452b.

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Water-cooled chiller

Air-cooled vs. water-cooled chillers

Working Principle and Differences

A chiller is a heat transferring device that uses mechanical refrigeration to remove heat from a continuous flow of process liquid and transfers it to the environment, thus lowering the temperature of the process liquid. Read more

R452b scroll chiller

Air-cooled chillers with R452b now available

Following the debut of its water-cooled chillers running on refrigerant R452b this March, Kaltra announces an air-cooled range of chillers with scroll compressors using this low-GWP refrigerant.

Lightstream Scroll R452b chillers will be available in the capacity range from 260 to 1000kW and may be fitted with the highly efficient free cooling system. Other options include partial heat recovery with a desuperheater or full heat recovery, making these chillers a multi-purpose solution for simultaneous, year-round production of chilled and hot water.

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Canary Wharf chilled water plant

Kaltra completes the chilled water production project in Canary Wharf

It is well-known that the cooling equipment dominates in energy consumption in commercial buildings. Alongside, electricity prices are increasing around the world, increasing pressure on facility managers to reduce the operating costs incurred by operating chillers. The facility managers at a newly constructed commercial building in Canary Wharf, London, were tasked to build and deploy a central air conditioning system with improved energy efficiency and lifecycle value, and Kaltra was invited to contribute to this task.

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LPG recovery plant cooling

Kaltra rolls out the second stage of chilled water plant at Sonatrach LPG recovery

Following the initial installation of process cooling system at the GP2Z industrial area in 2016, Kaltra continues to extend the facility and adds new equipment to increase its overall capacity to 5MW cooling.

Initially equipped with air-cooled Lightstream series chillers, GP2Z chilled water production plant will be supplemented with high-reliable units based on screw compressors. Kaltra will integrate new equipment with existing automation system implemented during the first stage of the project.

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Inverter chiller

Kaltra announces a new, broad screw chiller range

This week Kaltra announced its new chiller family designed with screw compressors, a successor of well-known Lightstream Screw range.

With different screw compressors, inverter-driven and fixed-speed, Kaltra launched its widest chiller lineup which includes R134a and R1234ze models, 160 in total. Units with R513a refrigerant are available by request. New Lightstream Screw V chillers cover all applications in the capacity range from 200 to 3600kW. In addition to process cooling and air conditioning tasks, the new screw chillers are addressed for mission-critical applications where the reliability and precise temperature control are the crucial factors.

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Air-cooled screw chiller

New chillers for Arla dairy processing plant

Processing of milk products requires the correctly designed process in order to attain end products of the highest quality. Processing of milk involves pasteurization, a technique that destroys pathogens in milk and makes it safe to drink. Pasteurization necessitates the use of chilled water to cool down the milk after the heating-up process to prevent the deterioration. During the cooling process, the pasteurized milk has to be cooled to 0°C. Thus, the production of chilled water for dairy processing operations is a vital part of producing safe and high-quality consumer products. Tight thermal control is also a crucial requirement for dairy processing facilities.

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Variable-speed chiller

Kaltra’s advanced cooling solutions help realize massive power savings

At the Sanofi/France production site, the original chilled water plant functioned as initially intended, but a steady decline in energy performance and sharp increases in maintenance costs of the plant equipment were experienced by the customer. Prior to starting the upgrade project of the plant, the owners made the decision to invest by using technology giving the highest return over the lifecycle of the equipment.

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Air-cooled chiller

Kaltra screw chillers serve four-star hotel in Malaga, Spain

In the last week of 2017, Kaltra Innovativtechnik completed installation and commissioning work on the chiller replacements for a four-star luxury hotel located in Malaga, Spain.

The customer experienced inadequate comfort air conditioning from the existing air-cooled chillers and escalating operating costs. The hotel operator called on Kaltra for a replacement to reduce energy consumption, improve the reliable, smooth and quiet operation of the system.

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Air-cooled chiller

Kaltra reveals the new Ultracompact II product line

As a part of its long-term product development roadmap, Kaltra Innovativtechnik introduces the next generation of its Ultracompact product line. This series covers the cooling duty range between 50 and 300kW with capacity increases of 25kW and provides total or partial heat recovery in compact machine design and suitable for air-cooled applications across many industries.

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