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    Dry cooler


Kaltra dry coolers can be utilized for the cooling of process liquids such as water or glycol mixtures, particularly in air-conditioning, refrigeration, or industrial processes. Available in a wide capacity range, our dry coolers are designed to match tight reliability, thermal stability and performance requirements, and capable of operating efficiently in different environmental conditions. Engineering excellence, adopting the newest technologies, the use of high-quality components and materials, latest manufacturing techniques are what make our dry cooler products so successful in the market.

Bora V-shaped evaporative dry cooler


High-end dry coolers in V-shaped and horizontal designs, featuring microchannel heat exchangers and evaporative pre-cooling option for instant energy savings. Capacity range from 10kW to 2MW


  • High performance dry cooler range
  • Microchannel heat exchangers
  • Evaporative pre-cooling
Dry cooler


High-performance V-shaped dry coolers with microchannel heat exchangers for commercial and industrial applications


  • Suitable for mission-critical applications
  • Microchannel heat exchangers
  • Compact footprint
Dry cooler


Dry coolers for refrigeration, air conditioning, and process applications in horizontal design. Suitable for water, glycols and special fluids and from 10kW to 1000kW capacity range


  • Optimized heat exchangers
  • Highest reliability
  • Maintenance-free
Hybrid dry cooler


Hybrid dry coolers with evaporative pre-cooling system and microchannel water coils for highly energy efficient applications offering a substantial increase in economization hours. Application capacity range from 200kW to 1600kW


  • Hybrid evaporative fluid cooler
  • Extended economization hours
  • Feature-rich solution
Dry cooler

Dry coolers vs. wet cooling towers

Cooling towers are heat-transfer devices that are used to reject heat loads to the atmosphere. Cooling towers are used to cool circulating water in a wide variety of applications such as process cooling and HVAC systems.
Bora XL dry cooler

Kaltra expands its dry cooler portfolio with Bora XL range

Bora XL dry coolers by Kaltra: innovative and economy solution for cooling fluids in industrial, district cooling and chilled water applications.
Cooling plant

Kaltra expands chilled water plant at multi-tenant commercial centre

Expansion of a chilled water plant of multi-tenant commercial centre with highly efficient water-cooled chillers: a case study
Dry cooler

Kaltra supplied high-performance dry coolers to FME hospital in Mulhouse

Kaltra supplied the new, low-maintenance dry coolers for 2000kW central air conditioning system in Mulhouse hospital.
Evaporative dry coolers

Hybrid dry coolers: a water-saving cooling solution

Hybrid dry coolers combine the benefits of closed-loop cooling systems and evaporative coolers in a single unit with the approach temperature based on wet bulb.
Evaporative dry coolers

Kaltra extends its portfolio with evaporative condensers and dry coolers

New range of evaporative air-cooled condensers and dry coolers by Kaltra sets new standards in the field of efficiency and environment safety.
Air-cooled condenser

Air-cooled condensers and dry coolers for refrigeration and industrial process

Mistral is the next generation of air-cooled condensers and dry coolers in horizontal design that cover cooling capacities from 5kW up to 1500kW.
Evaporative fluid cooler

New fluid coolers to be available in Q4 2016

Kaltra introduces hybrid dry coolers with evaporative pre-cooling for process water cooling in industrial, commercial, and data center applications.